Five Ways Your Restaurant Website Can Make An Owner’s Life Easier

Five Ways Your Restaurant Website Can Make An Owner’s Life Easier

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You Can Have A Restaurant Website That Acts Like An Extra Employee

Having worked in the restaurant industry for nearly 15 years, it is understandable how low of a priority a restaurant website might be to owners who have a million fires to put out, keeping their kitchen ahead of the flood of tickets each day. Turnover can be high, and quality help can be a scarcity, but did you know that a little bit of automation from your website could go a long way to ensure you and your team always win that battle.

Having a website that works for you can set you apart from the competition in the restaurant industry.

Getting New Customers And Getting Your Restaurant Website To The Top Of Google

If you visit a new town, or are tired of ordering the same cuisine, where do you usually turn? I know that I will often go to Google and search for “Restaurants Near Me” or “Italian Food Near Me”, whatever I’m craving or wanting to try something new. You could spend thousands on billboards advertising your restaurant, but get beat by competitors that come up before you on a simple google search.

Investing in Search Engine Optimization for your website can bring your team a #1 sales person that doesn’t sleep, doesn’t take days off, and you can evaluate their results.

Breaking Away From Gauging 3rd Party Online Ordering Services

It is no secret that third party delivery and online ordering apps are hijacking the restaurant industry, cutting into already low margins. They justify their prices because they claim that they are offering promotional services as well, often times those promotions get in the way of your website’s ranking or other promotions you might be running. Break away from this and offer your customers an online ordering platform that is secure and connected with your in kitchen printers.

With Reiter Design, we have partnered with UpMenu to provide our clients with the best online ordering integration for their restaurant website. Not only do you get a fully secure and stable ordering system right on your website, but also a custom branded app that can be downloaded on IOS or Android. UpMenu also fully integrates into your current ticketing system to make web orders easy to manage.

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Utilizing Automated Reservations and Appointment Setting Connected To A Global Staff Calendar

Organizing front of house staff to properly and efficiently set reservations from call ins, or keeping your calendar up to date with catering calls can become a headache. While you really can never stop taking reservations or appointments by phone, establishing an online presence where customers can set reservations themselves or an appointment for a catering phone call could cut down on your daily call ins.

This is where your restaurant website comes into play, it can intake reservations or appointments and connect with a google calendar or even your POS system so that your FOH staff and you always have up to the minute numbers for daily service.

Display Your Menu With Amazing Images Of Each Dish

Obviously having a pretty website is always a plus for any business, but it doesn’t just stop there. Printed materials like a menu have a finite space to inform your customers about your offerings, but a website is truly endless. Give your customers the ability to see their food before they get it with a image driven menu. This is also a huge benefit to potential customers who may be disabled or do not speak the same language that you are printing on the menu.

With new trends because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you can utilize QR codes on your table that directs customers touchlessly to your visual menu.

Managing Recurring Clients With Their Own Portal To Organize Your Relationship

If your restaurant does a lot of business with other companies or has a lot of recurring clients, it might be important to them to have a portal on your website that allows them to organize their communication with you, along with invoices, estimates, and any other materials that might need an easy to access place. You can give these clients their own credentials, and cut down on unnecessary calls for an invoice reprint from months ago. Keep all these files digitally and never have to worry about misplacement or destruction.

We use SuiteDash at Reiter Design for our client relationship software, and if you use our referral link you can get a free month of their service. They provide a versatile program that can be embedded into your website through a subdomain and customized to have your branding and only options that are best suited for your business. This can be overpowered for most restaurants, but if you have a large amount of recurring customers this could be like having a secretary.

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If you’ve found any of this helpful to your business or need any further assistance implementing this you can reach me directly at [email protected], also please take a look at our recent clients on our Portfolio Page or request an estimate for a future project.