Our Hallo Wedding- New Britain, Connecticut

Our Hallo Wedding- New Britain, Connecticut

Custom Website Design

New Britain Connecticut Our Hallo Wedding Event

Custom Website Design Wedding

Background Of The Client We Created A Custom Design For:

Not every client is a business, for this design we were creating a wedding website. This client was having their wedding on October 31st, 2020 and needed a quality website that showcased their engagement photos, had space for informational posts, and could collect RSVPs. A custom website design for a wedding website is a great way to showcase your engagement and get your attendees excited for your big day. So much goes into the wedding day that you shouldn’t skimp on the wedding website.

How We Tailored This Custom Website Design To Their Needs:

It was most important to the client to have an easy to use site for collecting RSVPs for their wedding website. They also are having a destination wedding, and so needed an area where they could create blog posts that they could customize to have information for their attendees that were traveling to their wedding. Of course, anything related to a wedding needs to have plenty of pictures. That was very successfully accomplished with this website that the client loved.

How We Built The Website For This Client:

Utilizing a stable RSVP plugin that allowed us to use a shortcode to implement the RSVP submissisions in a pop up, this gave us a very simple user experience for potential attendees. With multiple points of contact to submit an RSVP the wedding website is simple to use for collecting submissions. The overall design of the site is very photography focused as well to utilize the engagement photos and share with users. The bones of the website is on wordpress which allows for a lot of automation and allows this site to run without much upkeep and gives the client a means to post blog informational posts.

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