K & B Fence Company- Glennie, Michigan

K & B Fence Company- Glennie, Michigan


Custom Website Design

Glennie Michigan Fence Company K & B Fence

custom website k and b fence company glennie michigan

Background Of The Company We Created A Custom Design For:

A family run fencing company that has been in business for nearly 5 years, who have had poor results from the generic business services that can be found online. They run their business in Glennie, Michigan and service areas from Tawas and Oscoda to Rogers City, Grayling to Saginaw. With such a wide range of potential customers they have wanted a working custom website that could convert visitors to clients.

How We Tailored This Custom Website Design To Their Needs:

We wanted to create a simple design for this family run company that directed front end users to contact them directly to aid in conversion. We kept this uncomplicated for the company, they weren’t very tech savvy. They could utilize email, social media, and had a direct company phone line. Utilizing images of their work, we decided on a hierarchy for the design that started with customer access to directly reach the client and reaffirmed their business as you scroll the page.

How We Built The Website For This Client:

The client’s logo came from a generic business service that they found and used, they weren’t given an image with a transparent background so we were able to take what they gave and put their logo in a prominent space. It was important that within the design, access to getting a quote from the client was eye grabbing. If the user wanted quicker access to the client, the business phone number was a step down in the hierarchy.

Below this header, which was immediately viewable when accessing the site, is a slideshow of images from the client that we optimized for the web and adjusted the photos to make them look their very best. It’s important that these images be in their best shape, as they serve the purpose of reinforcing the users desire for their service.

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