Roma Restaurant & Bar- New Britain, Connecticut

Roma Restaurant & Bar- New Britain, Connecticut

Custom Logo Design

New Britain, Connecticut Restaurant Roma Bar & Grill

custom logo design for Roma Restaurant and bar

Background Of The Company We Created A Custom Design For:

A neighborhood bar located just outside of downtown New Britain, Connecticut, near to Central Connecticut State University. This bar has a lot of history in the community, having been in business for over 25 years. It’s a sports bar that boasts a large interior seating area, a multitude of TVs, and a beautiful deck area. They also have an incredible menu, robust takeout and delivery clientele, and an upper scale eating area that is reminiscent of a downtown bistro. With such a wide offering, we made sure to consider all types of potential clients when creating a custom logo design.

How We Tailored This Custom Logo Design To Their Needs:

Old Roma LogoThe bar had gone through numerous logos in the past 25 years. One of them being painted on the side of their building. The client informed us that they wanted to get back to their roots, their current logo was very busy with an image of the coliseum that wasn’t very well done.

So we went through the clients records and found their original logo. It was a simple typographic logo utilizing a simple layout.

We felt this was a great way to honor their legacy in the community and bring them back to a clean design, by updating this logo and giving it a touch of what they were losing from their Roman Coliseum logo.

How We Built This Logo For This Client:

We landed on an updated font for the business name, going with a Roman style font that included a flourish style on the A. The flourish from the A breaks the solid bar underlining the name to create a modern design that connects the elements of the logo together. To balance the serif Roman font, we utilized a san serif bold font for the rest of the logotype. Together this custom logo design fulfilled the clients needs and is versatile for all their branding needs.

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