Manitou View- Northport Michigan

Manitou View- Northport Michigan

Custom Logo Design

Northport, Michigan Vacation Rental Manitou View

Custom Logo Design Manitou View

Background Of The Company We Created A Custom Design For:

This custom logo design is for Manitou View, a short term vacation rental located in Northport, Michigan that is listed on AirBnB. With gorgeous scenery surrounding this two story, four bedroom home, it is a very desirable location for potential guests looking to vacation in the Northern Michigan area. The rental is located just outside the waterside town, along North Manitou Trail. Located just 30 minutes north of the city of Traverse City, and on the Leelanau Peninsula, the area is surrounded by beaches, vineyards, cherry farms and quaint villages.

How We Tailored This Custom Logo Design To Their Needs:

We worked with this client from start to finish establishing their name base on the amazing views from the rental, and their location on North Manitou Trail. From there we wanted to create a fresh design that incorporated images of the water that the area is known for and is a destination for tourists. We were able to help this client establish their branding and also complete their photography and fill out their airbnb listing.

How We Built This Logo For This Client:

Stemming from the idea of the water, which surrounds the location of Leelanau Peninsula, we landed on utilizing sailboats in the design. A very simple logo mark, but the sailboats on water brings out the imagery that the client wanted to be part of their rental. The logotype mimic’d the bold lines of the logo mark, with a secondary accent font to provide some depth and contrast from the rest of the logo. This design became a good fit to use as a watermark on some of the property’s promotional images that are posted on their AirBnB listing.

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